Understanding your Organisation Details

This page can only be viewed by the Account Administrator for an organisation. It is a general overview of the organisation's details and account settings. 

Please Note: If you wish to edit any of these details, please email and let them know of the required changes. 

Organisation Name: This field has a drop-down menu as some users will be attached to multiple organisations, or multiple private locations within an organisation. Here, you can select which organisation's details you wish to review. 

Trading As: This is the trading name of the organisation as opposed to the legal name. 

NZBN: NZ Business Number is a 13 digit global location number that identifies every limited liability company in New Zealand.

GLN: A Global Location Number is a 13 digit number that identifies locations or organisations that do not have an NZBN. This includes private locations, sole traders and partnerships. 

System Settings

Approval Type

Please note: This is relevant for Initiators and Initiator/Receivers only.

Single Step Approval: The process for single step approval is as follows:

Create Notification > Submit for Approval > Approve and Go Live (At the same time)

Two-Step Approval: The process for two-Step Approval is as follows: 

Create Notification > Submit for Approval > Approve > Go Live

Two-Step Approval involves more steps for approving and making live a notification. This is suited to organisations that may wish to follow a defined hierarchy of authority for notifications.

Receive Mock Notifications: This field relates to the Mock System and should be turned off, unless there is a specific reason why the organisation wants to be able to to receive Mock notifications and associated alerts.

Pass-Up Reporting: This option is for Receiver or Initiator/Receiver type organisations only. If this is selected, it means that, in the event of a recall, the quantity of product that a private location identifies will be passed up to the company that sent out the notification. 

In the situation of a Private Receiver being a retail store, this will mean that the Head Office will be able to see the quantities reported. 

Include XML Distribution: This field is only currently relevant for Progressive Enterprises as ProductRecallNZ notifications feed directly into their Recall System. 

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