Completing Your Annual Sustainability Check

For an Introduction to ProductRecallNZ Annual Sustainability Checks, please watch this video. For more information, please see below this video.

All organisations on ProductRecallNZ are required to complete an annual check to ensure their details are up-to-date and correct. The Account Administrator for the organisation will be sent an email informing them that the annual check is due.

Login to ProductRecallNZ here: - Please note: your username is included in the email you received. 

Forgotten your password or can't login? Please see this article on Resetting your Password

NB: While not a normal part of the sustainability check it is a good time to review the organisations on the ProductRecallNZ system and update your Distribution Lists accordingly.

Annual Sustainability Check Overview

For detailed steps, please see below the flowchart. 


1. Organisation Detail Check 

Click on the 'Organisations' link on the left hand menu to view your organisation details and settings. To change any of these details or settings, simply reply to the Annual Sustainability Check email you received,  specifying any changes.

Please do not send the reply until you have also completed the user checks below.


If you want to know more about this screen, please see the Help Page for Organisation Details

2. User Maintenance Check

The user maintenance check involves suspending obsolete users, making sure the current users' details are up-to-date and adding any new users that may be required. 

To access the User Maintenance area of ProductRecallNZ, select the 'Users' link on the left hand menu. You will be taken to the 'User List'. 


  • Required User Checks

Take a look at the users attached to your organisation and consider the following:

  • Are these users still required to be on ProductRecallNZ?
  • Have the details for any of these users changed? To see specific user details, please double-click on the user's name or click the 'edit' (pencil) icon.
  • Do I need to add new users? 

If you answered 'yes' to any of these, please see this article on User Maintenance.

  • Do any of these existing or new users need training in using the system? Please book them into a free 35 minute training webinar here.
  • Optional User Checks

You can use the filters on the top right of the Users List screen to complete these checks:

  • Does my organisation have at least one user with an Initiator Role?
  • Does my organisation have at least one user with an Approver Role?
  • If my organisation is also a 'Receiver' type, does it have at least one user with a 'Receiver' role?
  • Should I reset passwords for users at my organisation? (This is often a good security measure to do annually). Simply select edit on the user and on the 'edit user' screen select 'Reset User Password'.


  • Do any of the organisation users need an update to the emails and SMS alerts they receive? To access messaging preferences from the User List screen, please select 'Messaging' to see a summary of all users' messaging preferences. These can be edited from the list itself by checking or unchecking boxes. They can also be edited when editing a specific user by clicking 'next' or 'next and save' to move to the messaging screen. See more information on changing messaging preferences here.


Once you are confident that all the users are up-to-date and any organisation details changes have been requested by email, your annual check is complete.

Now reply to the Annual Sustainability Check email saying "Annual Check Complete" and we will update our records. 




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