Notification Template: Non-Subscribed Recipients Screen

This is a walk-through guide of how to fill out the "Non-subscribed Recipients" template while creating a new notification for a recall or withdrawal on ProductRecallNZ. 

Non-Subscribed Recipients
Recipients who need to be notified of the recall or withdrawal but are not registered with ProductRecallNZ.

Adding these recipients will send them a notification email with some notification details including contact, product and handling information but they will not be able to login or report back if they have affected stock.


If a non-subscribed recipient needs to be notified of this recall/withdrawal, please enter the details into the three fields and click 'Add to Notification' 

Uploading Multiple Recipients

If you have many non-subscribed recipients to upload, You may use a CSV file to bulk upload these, using the provided template. This will make the process of adding multiple recipients faster.

Step 1: Download the file

Step 2: Open the downloaded template and add the recipients into the template. Make sure that the details are under the correct heading. 


Step 3: Save the file in a place you can easily find it (Keep the file in .CSV format)

Step 4: Upload the file into ProductRecallNZ

 Step 5: You will see that all recipients within the CSV file have been uploaded and can be reviewed on the 'Non-subscribed Recipients' tab. 

Please note: Please ensure that the correct data is entered under the correct heading to make sure that the information goes to all recipients. 

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