Notification Template: Organisation Details Screen

This is a walk-through guide of how to fill out the "Notification Details" template while creating a new notification for a recall or withdrawal on ProductRecallNZ. 

In this article, the Pink Text signifies that the field is mandatory. 

This template should already have some auto-populated fields from your organisation details. 

Organisation Name: Legal Name

Trading As: The name by which an organisation is more commonly referred

On Behalf Of: This field is used when the initiating organisation does not have a ProductRecallNZ subscription. It is most commonly initiated by their distributor, such as Foodstuffs or Progressive Enterprises.

The following fields are mandatory:

Street Address
Phone Number

Fax: Non-mandatory field

You can edit these fields during notification creation, however this will not update the account's Organisation Details screen. To change the details for the account permanently, please see this article about Organisation Details.

To access these details, please close the notification and return to the Initiated or Received Notifications screen. From here, you will see the option 'Organisation' on the left-hand menu:

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