Notification Template: Additional Information Screen

This is a walk-through for the Additional Information form while creating a notification in ProductRecallNZ.

Why do I need to fill in additional information?

Additional information is required by certain notification recipients, most notably Countdown and Freshchoice/Supervalue, Bidfood Limited and Foodstuffs North and South Island. 

Foodstuffs North and South Island: Additional Information

If a Foodstuffs Representative has already been contacted about this notification, please include their full name and time of contact: Please include the full name and time and date of contact. 

Has the affected product gone through a Foodstuffs warehouse? Here, Foodstuffs is wishing to know if you distribute directly to stores only, or if you also distribute to their Distribution Centres or warehouses.

Bidfood: Additional Information

Date that affected product was last supplied to a Distribution Centre: The last date that the products were sent out to any Bidvest DC. 

Please note: Any recall or withdrawal event that is sent to Bidfood through the ProductRecallNZ system will also need to be accompanied by the manual form you can find attached to this article.

Countdown and Freshchoice/Supervalue: Additional Information

In ProductRecallNZ, Countdown, Freshchoice and Supervalue are combined as one recipient. However, only Countdown requires additional information to be filled out. If you only supply into Freshchoice and Supervalue, please put 'N/A' in the additional information fields. 

Countdown or Progressive Vendor ID: Countdown should have provided this to you when you began supplying to them. For many companies, the drop-down menu will provide you with a pre-populated vendor ID.

Product ID: Countdown Product ID number - Please put 'N/A' if you do not supply to Countdown Supermarkets.


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