How to create new users

Step 1: From the main catalogue screen click into the 'Admin' section.

Step 2: Click 'Create User'

Step 3: Make the username the individual's email address. 

Step 4: Roles: Check with Primary Contact which roles the user needs:

  • Viewer - This role only allows the user to view products and images and download information. They cannot edit products or load images.
  • Manager - This role allows the user full access. managers can also be setup to create new users for the company as well, simply tick the applicable box for this.


  • For suppliers: select the planogram tick box.
  • For retailers: select both Australia and New Zealand tick boxes.

Step 5: Leave all other settings and click 'Accept'. An automatic email will send the user their login instructions. When logging in for the first time the user will need to provide a new password.

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