Discontinuing a Product for Foodstuffs

Populate the "End Availability Date Time" against all levels of the hierarchy (i.e. Base, Inner and Case). Please do not end-date the price records.


Remember to RELEASE the item once you have end-dated. You can Unpublish from Foodstuffs after this step.

Note: If your product is NOT loaded in NPC, you need to send an external communication to both Foodstuffs' regions, who flag the product as deleted in their regional systems.

Note: If you are de-ranging with Foodstuffs but will still be selling to another NPC customer, indicate the End Availability Date is specific for Foodstuffs buy filling in the below fields. We call this a "Trading Partner Dependent" attribute. So only Foodstuffs will see this product end-date, your other NPC customers won't. You can Unpublish from Foodstuffs NZ after this step.



 Keywords: discontinue

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