NPC Rapid Release Notes 17-08-2017

The following changes have been made in our most recent release:

Attribute Changes

  • The Vendor Reference attribute has been renamed Product Code. This was causing some confusion for our users.
  • Additional attributes have been added in the pallet section. These are the height, width and volume. Based on your entry in Pallet Height these will automatically calculate.
  • The Alcoholic Strength Description attribute has been replaced by the Level of Alcohol Claim attribute. If you are entering a liquor product and this field is visible - then it must be provided for Foodstuffs.
  • There are an increased number of Dangerous and Hazardous Goods fields. The system should guide you as to which fields are mandatory based on your selections of the true/false fields indicating if your products are Dangerous and/or Hazardous.
  • Handling Instructions Code is an optional field that should be filled out if applicable.
  • 3 new sections have been added: Instructions, Marketing & Communications. These fields are desired by Foodstuffs and the expectation is that this information will be provided if available.
  • The Is Price On Pack attribute has been added in the pricing section and should be indicated if applicable.

Interface Changes

  • A number of sections have been broken up to improve user experience.
  • Some of the drop-downs have been altered. This includes the removal of redundant fields and some editing to wording to reduce confusion.

System/Rule Changes

  • There have been a handful of basic changes, with the removal and addition of some mandatory and conditionally mandatory fields with the aim of reducing the number of pending failures.

If you have any questions or issues please get in touch with your GS1 Contact who trained you or email

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